Tumblr Termination

I had a feeling this was coming for a while, but was hoping they weren't gonna do it. But here we are, Tumblr has pretty much removed all the porn from the site that they can programmatically find. I can tell that because there's still a lot of porn, so I'm guessing they're gonna be going through the rest of the blogs in the coming weeks and removing more or blacklisting blogs with a lot of porn remaining.

With that in mind I've switched over to the backup site here and removed all content from the bi-caps tumblr page.

We're not going away and watch this space, as I find some other platform to use, I'll post about it here.

While you're waiting, you can check out clubgoon as a decent place for everyone to meet up

Ganymede on the ClubGoon Discord has started a Club Goon Radio Podcast. It seems pretty good so far. She’s got a nice voice for radio, so you should probably check it out and let her know how much you enjoy it in the room.

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Trying out this new Sans Forgetica Font

Send this to a friend, tonight!